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CoPeerRight Agency
the first international agency
fully specialized in online
content protection

Created in 2003, CoPeerRight Agency provides services in order to fight and take actions against unauthorized access to digital media on the Internet. CoPeerRight Agency’s services provide a well-balanced combination of technology
and human know-how that guarantees an outstanding success.
Independant and 100% self-financed, we are accountable only to our clients.

Digital Piracy

Our expertise goes beyond P2P to include Newsgroups, Streaming, Direct Download and social ‘media’ networks. YouTube certified (since 2013), we provide a comprehensive solution that covers most popular streaming platforms: Baidu Video, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Twitch, Videa, Vimeo, VK, Youku…

IPTV Piracy

Our sophisticated monitoring technology is able to detect unauthorised channel feeds on iOS and Android apps (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs), IPTV set-top boxes, or web-based players. We provide expertise, experience and advanced technology to successfully fight unauthorized live tv broadcasting.


Our solution offers integration for the most advanced fingerprint recognition system available: Audible Magic (Facebook, Intagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch), Content ID (YouTube), INA Signature, Right Manager…


Our experience can help you to define the policies to apply in accordance with your marketing strategy and provide compiled statistics of your earning activity. We reduce the illegal content visibility, increase the legal offer visibility, and cut down the “Parasite Business” of your rights.


requires performance

A well recognized expertise all over the world

We cover more than 4000 illegal websites. As soon as such new websites pop up,
we include them straight away, 24/7.

Our exclusive services

360° Networks

Our services cover main internet sources like P2P, streaming (UGC), direct-download websites (blogs, forums…), newsgroups, IPTV (Live & Sports Events) and OTT services. Year after year our services follow the piracy evolution.

360° Languages

Our company has a comprehensive view and localized expertise that takes into account specific behaviors of each country. We cover + 30 different languages; English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish/Latino, Arabic, Chinese…

360° Products

We provide a global protection by deleting leak sources with a perfect mix of machine learning and human verification to cut down on false positives. Each digital content (Ebook, Game, Music, Software, Video…) and IPTV live streaming has its specificities and is not pirated in the same way.

360° Actions

We operate beyond the mere protection and develop information, prevention and promotion. Before and after piracy, we offer smart solutions, respectful of internet users’ privacy, the different networks and law.


implies results

A well-balanced combination of patented
technologies and human know-how

We continuously put more energy and ressources to satisfy our clients.
This is why 9 out of 10 of them renew their trust every year.

Our exclusive solutions

360° Promo-protection

Our company has developed a unique expertise in turning unusual networks into promotional channels. Take the opportunity to extend marketing campaigns to P2P networks, newsgroups, social networks, direct download, streaming websites… and occupy the field of pirated files before they appear on the Internet. With us, you can Promote and Protect your content at the same time, grow the exposure of your promotional campaigns and expand your audience reach on multiple networks.

360° Protected Forever

Our company provides lifetime protection, as long as your trust is being renewed.
The main advantage of our “protected once, protected forever” offer is to reduce the illegal visibility of your back-catalog content in order to give more visibility to your legal offer.
With us, you can send an important message to the different criminal organizations and make it as hard as possible for anyone to monetize your copyrights without authorization.

360° Search Engines

We go beyond the usual search engines, monitoring 24/7 all major platforms: Baidu, Bing, Google (TCRP member since 2014), Qwant, Yandex… A dedicated team is assigned to qualify and remove unauthorized content linked by search results. Human intervention means no blind false positives.

360° Social networks

We cover our clients' needs on all the usual social networks where unauthorized content can be found alongside promotional content. A permanent watch of these networks enables us to detect and delete unauthorized content while leaving your promotional content intact.